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Philadelphia is a vibrant community, home to people and leaders of various backgrounds and values. At PWR, we are committed to ensuring the diversity of our city is reflected in our membership and our leadership.

We invite our members to join our Diversity & Inclusion Committee to further develop and pursue our D&I mission. In the coming months, we will focus on the following areas:

  • Giving recognition to organizations making tangible strides in the area of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Increasing cultural awareness about under-represented groups
  • Advocating for diversity in the workplace and increasing opportunities for under-represented groups through improvements to recruitment and promotion processes

We invite you to participate in the discussion on pushing the needle on diversity in leadership. Share best practices, success stories, challenges and strategies to build effective and diverse leadership teams and workforces.

The D&I committee will continually evaluate how PWR can best allocate resources to further our efforts to become a more diverse and inclusive organization. We will determine how PWR can become a stronger proponent of increasing diversity. We will discuss what can be done to facilitate change within industries, businesses and professional organizations that demonstrate a lack of diversity amongst the leadership ranks.

Join PWR as we work together to honor the diversity of our dynamic city throughout our programming and membership. Interested? Email info@pwroundtable.com to share your thoughts or join our D&I committee.



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